FastLane helps you create great PowerPoint presentations,

within company standards, and save time for high value-added tasks

Create better slides faster

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Comment your slides using stickers in different colors and add status stickers like "Updated", "WIP" or "Illustrative". If needed, remove all stickers from the document with one click.

Send selected slides by e-mail

Select some slides in your presentation and with one click FastLane will create an e-mail with only those slides attached.

Flags, Maps and Images galleries

Quickly search through hundreds of country flags and editable country maps and paste them on the slide. Save images and logos to your FastLane Gallery and use them later.

Chart features

Calculate CAGRs and Deltas in charts (PowerPoint, Excel and paste-linked charts). Show totals and percentages in stacked column charts.


Have your corporate color palette as well as your favourite FastLane buttons always easily accessible on the right side of your screen. In addition to regular coloring of shapes, you can also use FastLane's fill colors to remove the white background of PNGs (click the transparent color) or to color any non-white and non-transparent parts of PNGs, such as icons.

Key shapes and elements

Insert green Vs, red Xs, footnotes, arrows, value chains, Harvey balls, and many other standard elements in your slide.


Lock/unlock aspect ratio and increase/decrease shape transparency or line width. Copy and paste format, position, height and width with intuitive keyboard shortcuts.


Swap the position of two shapes with one click. Have other key PowerPoint position buttons more accessible.


Align by the first selected shape and make shapes have the same height or width.


Slightly expand or reduce the margins of a textbox or shape with each click, in order to make the text fit perfectly.


Change the spell-check language in the whole document with one click. Check for double spaces, different Font Types or shapes outside the standard margins in the whole document instantly.


PowerPoint tables are very hard to adjust. With FastLane, you can add columns and adjust their width without affecting other columns on the table.

Copy an Excel table to PowerPoint shapes

Use Ctrl+C to copy a table from Excel, select a set of shapes on PowerPoint arranged in a matrix with the same dimensions and use Ctrl+V to paste. The value of each Excel cell is pasted on each PowerPoint shape exactly as intended!


Use FastLane's customization menu to freely choose your keyboard shortcuts. You can assign any key combination to any button you want. Use the customization menu to choose your sidebar colors and buttons as well.

Color icons from the Web (PNGs)

Get icons from an online library (as PNGs) and remove their white background using the "transparent" button on the sidebar. Use your FastLane palette to color the icons.


Check out the features below: