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About us

Our Story

FastLane was founded in 2017 by a management consultant who wanted to make his job easier. Sharing it with business professionals from all around the World was the next step.

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, we develop tailor-made add-ins for both consulting and industry firms, that provide shortcuts for everyday tasks on PowerPoint. Our solutions save significant amounts of time and money and improve the quality of documents.


Today, enterprises and individuals use FastLane to work more efficiently. We are in 5 continents and over 40 countries, and counting!

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We are here to make your job easier


Our Approach

We keep it simple.

We take 4 steps to work with any corporate client:

1. We do our own research and create a lightly customized add-in

2. We share a free trial of that add-in with a group of beta testers in the company and set up a training session, no strings attached

3. We update the add-in according to beta testers feedback

4. The client makes a Go/No-Go decision

We provide ongoing support, training and customization to the companies we work with.

We are constantly updating FastLane's backbone and developing new features that we integrate in corporate add-ins and in our Generic version, available to individual users.

Our Solution

We develop Office add-ins for PowerPoint. These add-ins are secured by Microsoft's add-in runtime environment, a multiple-tier permissions model, and performance governors.

All of our add-ins are purely offline solutions, digitally signed and certified by the Sectigo Certificate Authority.

Image by John Schnobrich
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